v2.1 Released

You may or may not have noticed that we recently rolled out v2.1 of Linktrack to our production servers. The update itself was a huge leap forward, but most of the public functionality is the same on the surface. We’ve been growing a lot over the last year, and this update was in response to our expanding user base.

Here are some of the changes you might notice:

  • Re-vamped dashboard page to display more useful summary information
  • Added adjustable date ranges on the tracking pages
  • Revised “forgot your password” utility
  • Reformatted the “visitor IP addresses” page
  • Adjusted the layout of our pricing page
  • New messaging and alert system
  • Giant improvements to our API!

In case you missed that last one, there have been Giant improvements to our API!

This update laid the ground work for expansion and added some of the most requested features to our existing API. Now you can use it to create your own custom links (using any of the options and features you want) and check on their status from your own applications.

The API is an industry standard style RESTful interface with XML output. We’ll be adding JSON output in the future. You can get API credentials and view code examples on your “Account” page. Just look for the API link.

As always, your feedback drives our future development. If you have a comment or a question, please drop me a line any time.