New Feature: Custom Domains

We’ve had a TON of requests from users like you who want to use Linktrack, but don’t like the long domain name.  We heard those requests and listened!

This week we’re introducing, the first of many new domain names that can be used with Linktrack. We’re calling this feature “custom domains” and it’s available to professional account holders starting today.  If you’re already a professional account holder, you don’t need to do anything to start using custom domain names. Just look for the “Address” drop down box when you make a link to choose which domain you want to use with your tracking link.

Here’s where we’re keeping track of all the custom domains available.

If you’re using one of our free accounts, this is a great reason to try out our professional service.  There’s no contract or obligation, so check it out today!

So why did we choose the domain name? Does it mean anything special?

Not really. We choose because it was short and easy to say (over the phone for example), but also doesn’t imply that that the link is for tracking purposes (something that a few of our users have mentioned).

If you REALLY need to stand for something, here are some ideas:

Virtual Link Tracking
Very Large Turtle
Vacation Lobster Trap
Vaccinate Live Turkeys
Vacuumed Last Time
Vain Life Test

If you have any others, please let me know.