How do you determine unique visitors?

Determining unique visitors is not an exact science and everyone has their own formula for doing so. With that in mind, we use the following method:

  1. Cookie tracking: Our server adds a tracking cookie when a visitor clicks on your link. This cookie is timestamped so we can compare their last visit to their current visit. Visitors without a tracking cookie are counted as unique.
  2. Visit intervals: Once a tracking cookie is set, we won’t count repeat visits within a 30 minute window as unique. If a visitor clicks your link one hundred times in rapid succession, we’ll count the first click as unique and the other 99 as non-unique. If a visitor clicks your link once then returns and clicks it the next day, we will count that as two unique visits.

2 thoughts on “How do you determine unique visitors?

  1. Lars Lafferty


    I recently (couple of hours ago) registered for a professional account. I am both excited and eager to begin deploying specifically tailored links, generating applicable data for analysis. At this time I am having difficulty properly installing the conversion code. I cannot find my conversion page to paste the code, that your site generated for me. Please feel free to message me back at your earliest convenience. I sincerely appreciate your time and consideration in regards to this matter, I hope that you have a wonderful evening. Thanks

    Lars Lafferty

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