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Where Do People Click In From?

Today’s guest poster, Jamie from Totally The Bomb uses linktrack daily, so we asked her to tell us why she’s chosen us as her link tracking service.

Thanks Linktrack! I’m happy to be here. Let me just start by saying that without linktrack, I wouldn’t have a clue that social networking even actually worked for me.

For example, I hosted a give away on my blog today. I made four links going to the same place, but I uploaded them in different places. I put one on my twitter feed, one on my facebook, one on contest websites, and one in a mass email I sent out to my subscribers.

I checked on my links right now, and I just discovered that my link on twitter got 250 clicks, the one I did on the contest website only got 16. So, what have I learned from this? Dude, don’t waste my time with that contest website anymore.

Which means that Linktrack just saved me a serious amount of time.

Now, I know that there are people out there who do this social media thing as a business. I just think it’d be really nice to show the linktrack page to your boss and say, “LOOK! That stupid contest website you have me posting to isn’t actually working! Can we try something else?”

Let’s face it, in this whole crazy technological day and age, it’s all about the data, and that’s what linktrack gives us. Real time data about who is clicking our links and where they’re clicking in from. Without it, I wouldn’t have a clue if that stuff was working or not.

Thanks Linktrack, I promise to always use you for all my link tracking needs! You guys Rock!