Url Shortener with Tracking

Flickr photo by leedsyorkshireWhen we first sat down to design LinkTrack, it was going to be one more in a growing list of simple URL shortening sites that kept a database of redirect links and their destinations. We were going to simply access our database for incoming requests and use a 301 redirect in the header to forward the user to their final destination.

While we were kicking the idea around, we realized that since the visitors were passing through our site anyway, there was absolutely no reason not to record and make available all of the data typically collected by a web server during a site visit. Things like the date and time of the visit, their IP address, and their referrer (where they came from).

With that in mind, we built LinkTrack as a url shortener with tracking as an added benefit.

If you’re using a url shortening service that doesn’t include tracking, you’re really missing out on some of the best parts or url redirection. Try out our site for free when you get a chance – you don’t even have to create an account – and see what we mean.