5 Reasons You Should Use Linktrack

Earlier today, I was asked to “Tell me a little bit about why your company stands out.” That’s a pretty standard question, but not one that we’ve addressed on the site. I hate to waste good content, so here’s my response:

Linktrack stands out because we offer a highly competitive analytics product with an easy to use user-interface. In addition to standard features (like vanity links, custom domains, etc.) we offer unique features like:

  • Password protected links,
  • Links that expire when you want them to,
  • Email alerts when your links are clicked,
  • Our unique Plus+ tracking feature,
  • Public tracking pages
  • and more

Our pricing philosophy is “unlimited everything” where you only pay for access to premium features. We don’t restrict you by number of links, how much you can track, etc. We offer an extremely versatile tool and give you the freedom to implement it however you choose.