Affiliate Link Tracking

One of the biggest uses for the LinkTrack service is affiliate link tracking. There are several reasons to use a link tracking service for affiliate links:
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  1. You can trust that your affiliate partner is accurately tracking all of your commissions and leads, but it’s nice to have your own independent data for comparison.  After all, if they don’t record a few of your commissions accurately who’s most likely to benefit?
  2. While many affiliate programs have a utility to show you how much money you’ve earned and how many sales you’ve made, most don’t show you how much traffic you’ve been sending their way.  If you’re very successful at sending new leads to your affiliate partner but they’re not converting them into sales, you may want to look for another partnership.
  3. If you ever do decide to switch affiliate partnerships, you don’t want to have to start over from scratch.  With an affiliate link tracking service like LinkTrack, you can simply edit your tracking links to point to your new affiliate.

2 thoughts on “Affiliate Link Tracking

  1. Eric

    It is very important to track your affiliate link.
    Many affiliate programs will shave your earnings so
    it is a good idea to have a tracking service if you feeling shaved.
    Great info btw.

  2. Keith

    Been searching for a decent affiliate link tracker.
    I think I shall give this a go, and report back in a week or two.

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