New Feature: Plus+ Tracking

Would you like to use one link to track multiple sources?

We’ve recently introduced a highly anticipated feature we’re calling Plus+ Tracking which allows you to add additional identifying information to your tracking links so you can use one tracking link to measure response from multiple sources.

With Plus+ Tracking, you can take an ordinary LinkTrack tracking link like:

and append anything you want on to the end like:

When someone follows your Plus+ Tracking link not only will LinkTrack record the click, but we’ll also record the additional information you added on the end.

This means you can send custom tracking links to multiple sources and measure each individual response in one location!


Our users are already using this new feature to:

  • Measure email response from specific email addresses,
  • Track affiliate campaigns in more than one location,
  • Monitor pay-per-click conversions from specific keywords,
  • and more!

This feature is available now to our “Professional” level accounts.

7 thoughts on “New Feature: Plus+ Tracking

  1. Tom

    If I have a number of links set up and don’t want to go back and convert them to Tracking plus, is there a simple way that I can create folders on my link page , name that folder, and drag those links into it.

    This is an incredible program and I already have a list of over 1000 links I want to add to your system.

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the question! The system doesn’t allow for bulk actions or folder creation (yet), but I can do a one time bulk update for you manually. Just send a list of the links you want updated as well as the username for your account via the web form:

    Glad you’re enjoying the service!


  3. Tom

    I use your Plus Tracking feature with your 1 pixel tracking image. The image being hosted on my website.

    When I use it with your url it works great.

    However, when I use it in combination with my branded version:

    It shows a broken link.

    My branded image works fine if I don’t add the tracking info

    To confuse matters, I think even when it shows as a broken link on my website (wordpress blog) I think it still registers as a visitor on my linktrack pro account.

    Is the error part of the Tracking feature? My branded site? Or?

    If information is power, your product gives a lot of power to those marketing on the internet!

  4. admin Post author

    Hi Tom,

    You are probably using the sample .htaccess file from our post The redirect defined in that .htaccess file was as simple as we could make it and doesn’t account for additional parameters like you would use with Plus+ tracking. You could rewrite our sample file to accommodate Plus+ tracking (and if you do, please send me a copy to post) but out of the box it won’t work they way you’re expecting. The free branded url tracking is not something we officially support (since it relies on another server that we can’t control), but here’s essentially how it works:

    Right now, the re-write in the sample .htaccess says “take all incoming requests like and route them to“. If you re-write the file for Plus+ tracking, you want it to say, “take all incoming requests like and rewrite the to OR take all incoming requests like and route them to

    That’s probably clear as mud, so let me know if you have any questions.

  5. Tom

    You are correct. I copied your sample.

    I understand in concept what you are saying.

    I am too busy using your product with links I want to track to take the time to study how to rewrite the .htaccess file to follow the rules to support the plus tracking concept.

    So I will table it for now.

    Thanks for your post response.

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