Split Testing Craigslist

Flickr photo by acloudmanI’m seeing a lot of uses for linktrack lately, and one of the most common is tracking Craigslist ads.

If you’ve never been to Craigslist, it’s essentially an online classified ads utility like you would see in a newspaper. The site has generated enough traffic that it’s a very viable place to buy, sell and trade products and services.

It’s so effective that some businesses have taken to posting on a daily basis to attract new business. Linktrack is a great resource for them because it gives them the opportunity to gauge the effectiveness of their ads for either split testing or as a general tracking resource.

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    Craigslist makes an effort to prevent url tracking services in their ads. We suggest you use any of the alternate domain names we provide or a custom domain of your choosing for your Craigslist ads.

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