Re-Target Links

One important benefit of using a full-control link tracking service like LinkTrack is the ability to re-target your links anytime you want with just a few clicks.  Here are some examples where you might want to re-target a link:

  • You’re an affiliate marketer and your parent affiliate updates their tracking software and issues new affiliate links to you.  Rather than go around and beg hundreds of web site owners to update your link, just re-target the destination in your LinkTrack account.
  • Likewise, if you decide to drop an affiliate provider – why let all your previous marFlickr photo by viZZZual.comketing effort go to waste?
  • If you’re in to social networking you probably have a profile page with Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin, etc.  Rather than listing your home page in your profile, try using a LinkTrack link.  Not only can you see which profile is generating the most interest, but if you move web sites you can re-target them all in one place.
  • Lastly, let’s say you’re tracking traffic to a particular product on your ecommerce site and decide to stop carrying that product.  Rather than show your visitors an error page, just update your tracking link to point to your homepage, or better yet, to a similar product.

Just a few example off the top of my head.  If you have any suggestions for how to make use of re-targeted links, let us know.